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Having an issue with your WC ? Do you want to fix or replacing them ?


Unlike standard WC, Sanibroyeur is more prone to obstruct itself should you aren’t careful enough.

Which choice between  a compact macerator and an adjustable macerator ?


For 50 years, macerators proved themselves to be effective : It can help customers to easily install severals improvements to their home appliance, without having to do too much efforts. The sanibroyeur macerator takes a step further by grinding in a specific location.

Here’s the list of the most used terms for WC problems :

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To fix your macerator/sanibroyeur, a specialized plumber is highly recommended.

A bunch of macerator-oriented brands in Paris :

  • Watermatic
  • Waterflash
  • SFA
  • Compact wc adaptable
  • Sanibroyeur
  • Setsan
  • cerit


Additional notes :

  • Using a sanibroyeur/macerator is restricted by the « réglementation en collectivité » (see the 47th article of the règlement sanitaire départemental, on the Légifrance website). They are used to horizontally move sewage on a vertical slope of diameter 100 mm minimum. In principle they should not be used to crush fecal matter to pass a small diameter vertical drop unless there is a system of de-siphoning. Rules of co-ownership require that all work involving the common parts ( wastewater systems) must be approved by a general meeting. The trustee has no say because it can take into account the nuisance caused by the poorly tinkered facilities of a non-specialized plumber.
    * See also the Law of 1965 and decree of 1967 governing the status of the co-ownership.


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WC Macerator : A good alternative to standard WC

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Compact toilets can also be equipped with a mechanical and centrifugal pump (without grinding), which sometimes resembles those used in airplanes or trains. They are connected to a simple water supply such as a washing machine and a 40 mm diameter drain.

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The technician who intervenes can also help you with your grinders whose spare parts are sold out like those of Watermatic W7, Watermatic, Watermatic W9, Watt 70 B3, W71, Cerit 45 or 30, Watermatic W72, some WATERFLASH, Watermatic W8 or Watt 70 B4.

Our technician plumber sanibroyeur Paris can also buy back your useless crusher, even when it’s broken. This will greatly reduce the purchase of a new crusher.